Two of my siblings and I were trying to make a Visual Novel. We divided our roles in making that visual novel. Our oldest brother will be the one who will make the story, I will be the one to do the scripts, and my older sister will be the one to do the sketching. Then I thought of an idea that me, myself will be making my own visual novel. I thought of a Visual Novel that includes romance because romance is my favorite genre. Since my older sister had made two Visual Novels on her own, I should try making one too, even though I can only make a short Visual Novel since I am only just starting. After playing one of my sister’s VN I thought that making visual novels might be fun. My sister shared an app to me that allows me to make a plan on how to make a visual novel in my own cellphone. That app is named “WriteOwl” So after I’m done with, I’m going to code it in the computer using the app “Renpy”. I’m also serious about making that Visual Novel and I won’t make the same mistake I’ve done before when I stopped making a certain visual Novel because of my laziness -_-.



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