Well since this blog is all about my hobbies, I thought that I should tell why they BECAME my hobbies and I will only be telling the hobbies that I think is interesting for many people, I guess? This is one of them.

     First of all the hobbies that I thought is all about anime…XD Anime is a good time killer, I always don’t notice time because I kept watching them. It’s like I am being pulled into that world whatever anime I’m watching. I’ve got this hobby of mine watching anime because of my siblings who first discovered it and took interest in them. And of course I’m grateful to them! 🙂 Without them I might not have this lovely hobby of mine and because of that hobby I also became an anime lover :D. I also have done things that are connected to them like buying posters of anime characters, drawing my favorite anime characters, buying anime CDs and many more! I’m really getting addictive to it.

     This hobby of mine led to many things like myself reading manga’s, playing online RPG games and playing visual novels and then again it was because of my siblings. I don’t even know why they discovered such things! 😀 There’s no need for me to know.



  1. Cami Lui says:

    Hi, Caramela! It’s a good thing that you are enjoying your hobby, but one should also take into consideration that hobbies are a way to improve ourselves. Think of what you’re getting from your hobbies. For example, one of my hobbies is making visual novels. With this hobby, I can improve my drawing and writing skills, and all of this can contribute for a better me.

    What I guess I’m saying is that, it’s maybe not the best thing to get immersed into something that’s not making you any better. If you became a shut-in otaku, then it contributes something to make yourself for the worse.

    Good luck with your self-improvement and with your blog!


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