First of all I want to say hi to my readers. Thank you for visiting this blog.
My name is Caramela. This blog is mostly about my hobbies. I want to share the moments that I’ve had while doing them. And I believe that if I create a blog I might be able to improve myself. I wish of your support that I’d be able to achieve lots of goals. And also feel free to explore my blog. Wish me luck! I hope you wont feel bored!



Hi guys! I drew something related on maid cafes. This is the first time I drew using Paint Tool Sai and I want to know if my drawing is ok. I want to know your opinions of this drawing. So? What do you think?

Peach Girl Anime!

     I decided that I will watch my brother and sister’s anime CDs which is a romance genre again since there aren’t other new anime CDs to watch. Yesterday I finished watching an anime movie called Peach Girl, it made me cry a lot. I also learned a lot of things in this anime movie and there are also scenes that made me pissed off. But anyways, this anime movie is great and I just want it to share with you!


           Hi, my fellow readers! I’ve been thinking that I don’t have much in my blog. So feel free to visit other blogs. I know that my blog is about hobbies but I haven’t done or shared some activities this past few days in my blog because I’m doing a hobby called making visual novels. Since I still haven’t created one, I thought that I should share my sister’s blog for you to visit. My sister’s blog is all about making visual novels and she already created two of them. If you want to play her visual novels then pay her a visit. If you want to visit my sister’s blog click this. Catlip Candy.


Two of my siblings and I were trying to make a Visual Novel. We divided our roles in making that visual novel. Our oldest brother will be the one who will make the story, I will be the one to do the scripts, and my older sister will be the one to do the sketching. Then I thought of an idea that me, myself will be making my own visual novel. I thought of a Visual Novel that includes romance because romance is my favorite genre. Since my older sister had made two Visual Novels on her own, I should try making one too, even though I can only make a short Visual Novel since I am only just starting. After playing one of my sister’s VN I thought that making visual novels might be fun. My sister shared an app to me that allows me to make a plan on how to make a visual novel in my own cellphone. That app is named “WriteOwl” So after I’m done with, I’m going to code it in the computer using the app “Renpy”. I’m also serious about making that Visual Novel and I won’t make the same mistake I’ve done before when I stopped making a certain visual Novel because of my laziness -_-.


           Hi again, To my fellow visitors! So now I will be telling some stuff about me. Well, where do I start? I am one of your regular person who likes anime and stuff about it. Who always have fun by using gadgets inside the house. The person who will kill time by doing my hobbies, but having trouble doing them because other people will be using the things that I need so that I can do my hobbies. But now I’m having that thing to my own and that is the Computer XD. I also like drawing people as an anime. Well that’s about it, I don’t think I have any more interesting things about me.


     Well since this blog is all about my hobbies, I thought that I should tell why they BECAME my hobbies and I will only be telling the hobbies that I think is interesting for many people, I guess? This is one of them.

     First of all the hobbies that I thought is all about anime…XD Anime is a good time killer, I always don’t notice time because I kept watching them. It’s like I am being pulled into that world whatever anime I’m watching. I’ve got this hobby of mine watching anime because of my siblings who first discovered it and took interest in them. And of course I’m grateful to them! 🙂 Without them I might not have this lovely hobby of mine and because of that hobby I also became an anime lover :D. I also have done things that are connected to them like buying posters of anime characters, drawing my favorite anime characters, buying anime CDs and many more! I’m really getting addictive to it.

     This hobby of mine led to many things like myself reading manga’s, playing online RPG games and playing visual novels and then again it was because of my siblings. I don’t even know why they discovered such things! 😀 There’s no need for me to know.